Driving Safely on Tough Roads

The end of every winter season brings upon most people a sense of relief and exuberance. It also brings about a lot of different potholes which can get dangerous to drive on. Finding ways to drive safely in these deteriorating road conditions can be a real challenge that can be made easier with some basic driving tips:

- Make sure that you keep your tires properly inflated and in efficient condition. Well-functioning tires can help you to better manage driving over potholes and other negative road conditions.

- Keep alert on roads which have damage and be cautious to make sure that other drivers don’t swerve into your lane to avoid potholes.

- Consider driving a car that can handle potholes better if this is a systemic problem in your area, such as a truck or car with four-wheel drive.

- Have your car well-maintained at the service center of our dealership here at Nissan Of Orangeburg in Orangeburg, SC, to improve its reliability despite challenging road conditions.

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