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Is Nissan Car Battery Under Warranty?

Genuine Nissan Batteries are designed to meet your vehicle’s original specifications and come with an 84-month (seven-year) Limited Warranty.

Most Nissan drivers need to replace their batteries every 4-5 years. Ultimately, your battery’s lifespan will vary depending on several factors, including your driving habits and local climate. In this guide, the experts at Nissan of Orangeburg will help you understand your car’s battery and how to get the most from it.

Why is Routine Maintenance Important for My Car?

  • Makes your car safer
  • Extends the lifetime of your vehicle
  • Maximizes performance
  • Protects your vehicle’s warranty
    • Maintains your vehicle’s value
    • Saves money on future repairs
    • Helps eliminate malfunctioning
    • Provides peace of mind

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Why does my Nissan battery keep dying?

Several things can cause your Nissan battery to die, like leaving your lights on overnight or leaving a device plugged into a USB port. Once you have jumped your car, the battery should remain charged.

If you continually experience a dead battery, a loose or corroded connection may be the cause. Pop the hood and check your battery for corrosion and loose connections. Tighten up the connections and remove corrosion with a stiff-bristled toothbrush and a backing soda/water mixture. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, you can always take it to a mechanic, like the team at Nissan of Orangeburg.

How long do Nissan car batteries last?

You can expect your Nissan battery to last between 4-5 years, depending on your driving habits and climate. If you drive more than the average 12,000-15,000 miles per year, you may need to replace your battery sooner. Additionally, drivers in cold climates may not get the full 4-5 years from their battery.

How long is a Nissan battery under warranty?

Nissan batteries are covered by an 84-month (seven-year) Limited Warranty. This provides a replacement battery at a “pro-rata adjustment” up to 84 months after the battery’s purchase or installation date, whichever is earlier.

What voids a car battery warranty?

A battery warranty typically only covers manufacturing defects. The warranty will not cover damage that results from reckless driving, off-roading, natural disasters, poor car maintenance, improper fluid use, or aftermarket part installation.

For more information about Nissan’s battery warranty, give us a call at (803) 592-9522. We’re happy to help answer your questions!

Does the battery warranty reset after replacement?

No, the warranty does not reset after a battery replacement.

What is the normal price for a car battery?

The cost of a car battery can vary greatly based on the power, size, and brand. You should expect to pay anywhere from $50 – $250 on a replacement battery for your Nissan.

Are car batteries more expensive now?

If you’ve noticed your battery is more expensive than the last time you replaced one, you’re not imagining things. The materials used to manufacture lead-acid batteries–namely lead and plastic– have increased in price. In addition, many batteries are manufactured in the US, which has caused prices to rise to keep up with the cost of American labor.

Should I buy a new car battery or charge it?

This depends on the age of the battery. If your battery is less than four years old, charging it is likely all you need to do. If it is over four years old, it’s probably time to replace it. You may be able to charge it and get a little more life from it but know that you’ll likely need to get a new one soon.

Should you start your car every day in cold weather?

While this was true once upon a time, it’s outdated advice now. Modern cars are better equipped to handle cold temperatures, so starting it every day isn’t necessary.

How cold is too cold for a car battery?

Electrolyte is the component in car batteries that are susceptible to cold temperatures. Luckily, the freezing point is around -40ºF, which is rare in most of the country. If your car is exposed to temperatures below -40ºF, the electrolyte can freeze and expand, causing the battery to rupture.

How do I stop my car battery from draining in cold weather?

The best way to prevent your battery from draining when it’s cold out is to reduce the amount of air around the car. You can do this by parking your car in the garage or by using a vehicle cover.

Does a car battery drain in hot weather?

Yes, hot weather can affect your car battery. Your engine produces heat when it runs and when it’s hot outside, the heat compounds. This can cause the fluids in your battery to evaporate, weakening its charge.

How hot is too hot for a car battery?

The ideal temperature for your car’s battery is between 70ºF and 80ºF. Because your engine produces heat, it gets significantly hotter under the hood.

How do you keep your car battery from dying in hot weather?

If you will be parked for more than one week, park in the shade or in a garage, if possible. You may also consider a battery minder or smart charger to keep your battery charged.

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